Training your dog is supposed to benefit both you and them. It should be a bonding experience that makes the two of you work together. 

If you’re doing it right, you will have a dog that fits into your life and understands what is expected of him. 

“Well trained” is a subjective term. Some people think that to have a well trained dog it needs to sit, stay, come and bring them a beer. Other owners are happy if their dog doesn’t jump on visitors and magically shows up in the kitchen at dinner time (or at the sound of a cheese wrapper). “Well trained” will mean something different to each owner, depending on their lifestyle needs. 

At Dawg House, we think it is important to prioritize having a stable, well socialized dog. These dogs are usually given lots of exposure to the world around them, they learn to ignore distractions and to stay engaged with their person. Dogs develop stability through their humans leadership. 

A stable, well socialized dog will:

  1. Be able to ignore other dogs in public or greet them politely when necessary. 
  1. Sit and wait when asked, even with distractions present. 
  1. Walk calmly on a leash

Dogs who can do these three things will see multiple benefits. They will be safer in public, easy to handle, and they will have faith in their owners ability to make decisions. A dog who believes in their person is a happy, stable dog. Humans who teach their dogs these three things will also benefit. If you have a confident, stable dog, you have spent lots of time with them – taking them new places, working on basic commands, and exposing them to people and animals. All of this time invested means developing a deep, mutually beneficial relationship with your dog. You will have something that you can be proud of – that you love and loves you back. Like anything else in life, you get back exactly as much as you put in. Training your dog is good for your soul. Their souls need no improvement.