Naked??? Some people are fine dashing through their yard without wearing clothes. However most prefer to put on (some type of) garment. The reason is because clothing makes a statement about our personality. 
And frankly, it’s no different for dogs.  At the DAWG HOUSE, pups will occasionally arrive completely naked (that is, without a collar). They’ll strut their stuff right into the play area and bark Hey babe, I’m here! 

However, those that arrive fully clothed (that is, with a collar), also make a statement about themselves and their owner.  

For example, a collar with a lot of bling (yes, we’ve seen it) says a lot. But so does a basic brown or a colorful plaid. And while color is an important option to consider, a bigger question should be the TYPE of collar you purchase for your pup.

Which brings us to the Martingale.  Why?  Well, if your dog is still learning to obediently walk while on a leash, she may have a tendency to try and lead you where she wants to go.  A martingale collar can provide you with more control, without the ill-effects of those old-fashioned choke chains. A properly fitted Martingale will tighten when the leash is tense, but it will not choke your dog.  
Available in multiple colors, the martingale can offer safety, obedience and yes, style. Call Jess at 203-448-8525 to inquire about measurements and fittings.

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