Does your “two-legged better half” come home tired when they arrive from work?  Ever wonder if it’s because they are a boring person…. and that they are an absolute bore to everyone else?  (We’ve heard the rumors).  

Thank goodness we don’t have that problem at the DAWG HOUSE!  
Our pups are tired when they get home because they play hard, and then they play harder.  We place them in a social environment where they can spend time with their canine friends exercising, interacting, and playing fun games.  

When you bring your dogs in, “WE LET THE DAWGS OUT”.  We keep them physically and mentally stimulated throughout the day.  

Depending on your living arrangements, in addition to your dog, send your boring “two-legged-better half” down to us.  We can’t always work magic, but we’ll try our best to help rectify the situation.

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