Avoiding an aggressive dog is relatively easy. It’s the people around us that we
must be concerned with, so let’s discuss them first.
If the aggressive person happens to be your “better-half”, you should deliver a
nice subtle message like “hey, maybe you should start sleeping with both eyes
open”. They’ll understand your warning, and the problem will be solved.
In terms of dogs:

  1. Many dogs will become aggressive if they perceive they must protect their
    food. Be respectful! During feeding times allow sufficient space between you
    (or other dogs). At the Dawg House we have a dedicated FEEDING ROOM.
    This allows us to separate each dog, and then safely feed each one as an
  2. Dogs that are tethered or crated for extended periods of time may become
    aggressive. Let’s face it, their instinct is to run with the pack. So, give your
    dog the freedom to roam in a safe environment. Remember: We Let the
    Dawgs Out!
  3. Give unknown dogs a lot of space until you determine they are safe. This
    approach will help you to avoid dangerous encounters.
    Bottom line: Be smart. Watch your environment. Don’t take unnecessary risks.
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