With pup potty training consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are
avenues to success.
Your first step should be to develop a consistent schedule for the new family
member. In other words, will you take her outside immediately after you wake
up, or wait until she’s had her breakfast. This will be an important consideration
because young pups can’t be expected to “hold it” for much longer than 6 hours.
You should also plan to take your puppy outside mid-day, and certainly before she
goes to bed at night.
Patience and watching for behavioral clues are additional ingredients for success.
If he starts to whine or sniff certain areas in your home, it might indicate that he
needs to go outside NOW! If you catch your pup starting to squat to pee or poop,
pick him up and immediately rush outside. 
Finally, positive reinforcement works wonders. Say it loud so they’ll know you’re
proud: GOOD GIRL! GOOD BOY! For more tips, contact Jess at: 203-448-8525