Why you should spay or neuter your dog

Should I neuter or spay my dog? Thinking about it makes most of us
cringe. I mean…. shouldn’t knives be reserved for cutting fruits and

A general answer to this question is, not necessarily. Let’s face it,
spaying or neutering your dog can lead to a reduction in certain health
risks for both female and male dogs.

For example, female dogs that have not been spayed are at a higher
risk of mammary tumors than females that have been spayed.
Neutering a male dog prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of
other problems, such as prostate disease.

A secondary consideration is that neutering or spaying your dog is a
responsible way to help prevent accidental breeding, which typically
results in a litter of unwanted puppies. This cascade has the potential to
lead to overcrowded shelters and in some cases, euthanasia.

OF PRIMARY CONCERN however, is that State Regulations do not allow
kennels such as The Dawg House to mix unaltered dogs with daycare
and cage free boarding groups. If your pup is under a year, we can make
an exception.

Bottom line: Discuss with your dog the benefits of having your him or
her neutered or spayed. They will likely request the procedure so that
they can continue to play at The Dawg House.