We’ve heard the rumors about how much you like to drink, but we
don’t judge the behavior. In fact, as you consider your levels of
consumption for this week, it’s also a good idea to provide enough
WATER for your pup!

Fact is… dogs can experience dehydration in both cooler and warmer
weather. However, dehydration becomes more of a concern as the
days get longer and your dog spends more time playing outside.
For some pups, it’s simply caused by a lack of access to water during
the day. Whether you’re at home or gone for part of the day, be sure to
leave enough water for your pup.

Or bring ‘em on down to the Dawg House. Your dog will always have
access to fresh water throughout the day.

Symptoms of dehydration include:
 Reduced Energy Levels
 Excessive Panting
 Loss of Appetite
 Dry Nose
 Vomiting with or without Diarrhea

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