Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs”? Well, dogs have
heard it too. And while many of them hate the word CAT, the idea of a dog falling
from the sky is far worse!

In general, it’s fine for your pup to play in the rain. Often a bigger challenge is
getting your dog to stay outside long enough to “do their business” while it’s

To solve the issue, we need to start with YOU! (Dogs often take on the
personality of their owner)! How do you react when your clothes get soaked, or
when water is seeps into your shoes? If it makes you feel uncomfortable, your
dog is probably miserable as well.
Consider a rain jacket (for you and the pup). Then grab her leash and head out to
her favorite spot. You’ll find that if you don’t react poorly to bad weather, it’s less
likely that your dog will display bad behavior.

You don’t need to “Sing in the Rain” but speak nice to reinforce good behavior. It
may lead to playing in the rain.