Eggs can be an “Eggcellent” source of nutrition for your dog. (And even for you)!
This delicately shaped food helps to provide protein, fatty acids, and vitamins.

Some veterinarians suggest that if you decide to feed eggs to your dog, introduce
them slowly so you can watch for signs of gastrointestinal distress like diarrhea or
vomiting. If your dog doesn’t show any digestive discomfort, you should have no
trouble giving her eggs.

That said, try and limit the amount offered to one egg per day. If your dog ingests
more than that, he may gain weight gain from too many calories being consumed.
And while this is the season for hard boiled eggs, you can also offer them as
scrambled or sunny side up! Simply ensure they are prepared without oil, butter,
salt, seasoning, spices, fun, or other additives. Cook them first to avoid salmonellosis.