With the arrival of Spring Season, you’ll probably spend more time outdoors with
your pups when they aren’t at The Dawg House. Before heading out your local
park, gather a few bottles of water and their bowls so everyone can rehydrate
during play time. Dogs can become overheated if they aren’t getting enough

Equally important, as the temperature gets warmer some veterinarians suggest
you gradually acclimate your dog to very hot weather. If needed, provide a rest
area with shade. (By the way, unless the air conditioner is running, a hot car is not
considered a shady area)!

An overheated dog might display these possible signs:
 Panting, followed by disorientation.
 Fast, noisy breathing.
 Collapsing or convulsing.
 Bright red or blue gums.
 Vomiting.
 Diarrhea.

Hydrate and Stay Safe!