Socialization and engaging with your dog on a consistent basis are beneficial to
the overall health of the pup. A “dog toy” often increases their level of
enthusiasm, but how do you choose one that they will like?

The simple answer is that there are several criteria, but safety should be at the
top of your list. In other words, don’t purchase a toy that has parts which might
be harmful if swallowed. This would not be fun for the dog, nor enjoyable for

Below is a short list of safer toys that your dog might enjoy:

 Frisbee disks made especially for dogs
 Rubber balls or tennis balls
 Toys that make noise
 Rope toys or old socks

Avoid the smaller toys that can be swallowed by your dog, such as the tiny
squeaky-type rubber toys.

AND… Keep in mind that dogs are social animals. They become much more
excited when they have a toy that involves you or other playmates.

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