Have you ever seen people misbehave at Soccer Tournaments or Little League Games? Yep, we’ve seen that naughty behavior as well… from parents, NOT KIDS.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that those same parents, NOT PUPS misbehave at Dog Parks. Often, they’re so busy talking amongst themselves that they don’t pay attention to what their dog is doing.

Good etiquette at Dog Parks includes watching the body language of the pups, and listening to the noises that they might be making while playing with their canine companions. These methods help to keep the dogs safe and happy!

Other examples of good Dog Park Etiquette include:
• Obeying size and weight regulations.
• Cleaning up and properly disposing of poop.
• Intervening if your dog begins to play too “ruff.”
• Making sure your dog’s vaccination status is up to date.

Dogs have feelings too.
Don’t embarrass them by behaving poorly in front of their friends.

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