Hey…. we all like positive reinforcement.

If you want him to sit but you don’t offer something that he really likes, he’ll walk away and do something that’s far more interesting. Show a little treat that holds his attention, and he’ll be incentivized to respond positively. Below are additional steps that you can follow:

  1. While your dog is standing, hold a treat to her nose.
  2. Slowly lift the treat over their head towards the rear end. As your dog lifts her head to follow the treat, her bottom should drop to the ground. That’s a sit!
  3. As soon as your dog is sitting, mark the action with a verbal affirmation like “Yes!” and offer the treat.

If your dog happens to sit on his own (without being commanded) reinforce the behavior with a reward. Once he associates a sit with a reward, he’ll be more inclined to reliably sit on command when asked.

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