Most dogs are not born with superb leash walking skills. While it’s true that a few pups will naturally walk alongside you, others will appear to be in complete control (of you)!

To avoid this, consider introducing your puppy to a collar or harness as soon as you bring him to his new home. This early approach will help ensure that they are not intimidated by something that has been placed around their neck or attached to their body. Once they’ve become accustomed to a collar, you’re less likely to have issues with them wearing it throughout the entire day.

When introducing the leash, allow your pup to sniff it before attaching it to the collar or harness. Then, over the next couple of days take a few steps while in-doors. This way you can limit the number of distractions that she’ll experience while becoming accustomed to the leash. Of course, you should praise your pup when she responds the way you want her to respond while on the leash. After a few days of in-door training, take her outdoors for short walks so that she can gain additional practice.

Leash walking can provide safe and enjoyable moments of engagement between you and your dog. Go for it!

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