It’s true! Dogs do offer unconditional love.

However, it’s often a particular family member that the dog has chosen to love unconditionally!

The rest of you are supporting cast members that are available for superficial interactions.

If you’re one of the “Chosen Few” you can generally expect that your dog will greet you at the front door, offer genuine attention, and not judge you (too much) if you don’t feed them right away.

“The Chosen Few” (because they have been chosen) will also likely begin to exhibit behaviors associated with increased levels of oxytocin. (Don’t worry, we can’t pronounce the word either). That said, some scientists believe this hormone can help to reduce anxiety and restlessness, which (perhaps) makes those that have been chosen to be much more hospitable than the folks that have not been chosen.

Additionally, “The Chosen Few” may have:

• An improved sense of well-being
• Increased empathy
• Improved self-perception
• The ability to communicate well (with people)
• Enhanced compassion for humans

Don’t feel jealous if you’re not one of “The Chosen Few”. Instead, celebrate that you’re fortunate enough to partnered with someone who’s been chosen”.

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