There are multiple reasons why your dog may not sit (and stay) when commanded. To accomplish this important behavior, you must keep your own behavior in check.

In other words, don’t stress out and start barking orders while pushing down on your pup’s “bum”. This will only result in confusion, distrust, and a lack of desire for your dog to please you.

If your dog continues to “pop up” after sitting, give the Stay command, and provide an incentive when they successfully sit and stay. Dogs honestly find pleasure in pleasing their owners. If you continue to have a problem with your dog obeying this command, check to ensure your pup doesn’t have a medical condition that affects their ability to remain in the seated position. Medical conditions may include:

• Hip dysplasia.
• Arthritis.
• Anal gland problems.
• Limber tail.
• Knee pain.
• Back pain.

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