Dogs (like people) often growl to express a variety of emotions. While we’re not sure what to say about your significant other, if you notice this behavior with your pup, quickly make an assessment about your surroundings. Your obvious objective is to ensure that your dog isn’t growling to warn you about an unsavory “guest” that may be lurking near you.

After you determine that your surroundings are secure, consider that your dog may be growling to:

• Communicate she wants to play a game.
• Let you know he does not want to be reprimanded.
• Play with you.
• Greet (or not greet) another dog or person.
• Maintain possession of a preferred toy.
• Protect food.

After you’ve determined the reason for the growling, play and engage with your dog to reinforce how much she loved, distract him by redirecting any undesirable behavior, feed them in isolation if they are displaying food aggression, or help them to calm down by changing their location.

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