Like spouses, it’s not unusual for dogs to occasionally whine. If you want to stop the behavior, you’ll first need to determine why it started.

Possibilities may include:

• STRESS: Is the dog stuck with you because a favorite family member just left for work? Or perhaps a new addition has arrived, such as another pet, a baby, or (OMG) a kitten? If this is your situation, you can employ a few desensitization techniques, play a game to create a distraction, or offer calming treats.

• PAIN: If your dog whines while performing general activities, it’s possible they are experiencing joint pain related to arthritis. Make an appointment with your veterinarian and avoid the temptation of dispensing pain medications without medical advice.

• LEGITIMATE NEEDS: Have you checked to make sure their favorite toy is not stuck underneath the sofa? Or perhaps they are alerting you that they need another bathroom break, or that the new kid is sleeping on their bed.

• SEEKING ATTENTION: Like humans, dogs love interaction. If your canine isn’t getting sufficient levels of engagement, the whining can eventually become a behavioral issue. In this situation, make a reservation and then bring your dog to the Dawg House. We give love, attention, and provide lots of opportunities for engagement!

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