If you have ever been in the company of a toddler, you’ve likely heard the phrase “it’s mine.” In these circumstances, the behavior of your dog is not that different from that of a child.

Dogs might choose to protect a variety of items, inclusive of:
• Chew Toys
• Stuffed Animal
• Your Shoes
• The Baby’s Blanket

If you try to retrieve the item, your dog may start to:
• Stare at you
• Growl
• Show lots of teeth (he’s NOT smiling)
• Lunge out and attempt to bite you.

Simply put, your pup considers the item to be his item, and he doesn’t want to share.

Your best solution is prevention. When you bring your new pup into your home, slowly introduce him to a variety of items.

Then, along with teaching your dog the importance of learning to sit and stay when commanded, teach your pup the “Drop” or “Release” command.

If it’s an older dog, try to trade the item for something that may be of equal interest.

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