Your first objective is to purchase a Frisbee in a size that’s easy for your dog to pick up. Then create an interest so that the dog considers the Frisbee to be a high value item that he wants to engage with. To do this, you can try holding the toy in front of him to gain his attention, or enticing him with a little game of tug of war.

After your pup decides the toy is a fun item, start the process of teaching him to fetch. Toss the Frisbee a small distance, making sure your dog sees where you threw it.

If your dog does not want to relinquish the Frisbee, (after all, you’ve made it a high value item) try trading it for something else. Repeat the process, while making sure you praise her to keep her motivated and excited.

Playing Frisbee Catch with your dog will bring hours of excitement for both you and your pup. In addition to helping maintain a healthy weight (for both of you), this game also:

• Enhances your ability to communicate with each other.
• Develops trust and an understanding of your expectations.
• Offers mental and physical stimulation.
• Improves the motor coordination for your dog.
• Opens an opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

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