There’s a lot to consider before you settle on the perfect set of balls for your dog.

For instance, will the balls be used as chew toys, or do you intend to play fetch with him? How about the size of your dog. Can she easily carry the balls in her mouth, or hold them between her paws? These are all things you may want to consider before purchasing a set of balls.

At the Dawg House, we primarily use tennis balls for fetch, catch or training to retrieve. Tennis balls are small enough for the little canines to push around and get sufficient levels of engagement. Yet they are also limber enough for a larger dog to catch and retrieve.

For example LOGAN, a shepherd who regularly comes to day-care at the Dawg House, can catch and carry up to three balls at the same time!

After determining your objective, consider a size similar to a tennis ball. Then continue training and engaging with your dog, thereby facilitating enrichment and long-term enjoyment.

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