About Us

About Dawg House

Dawg House Daycare and Boarding™ started with the dream of taking our dog, Blue, to work with us. Almost a decade later, the dream has grown and so has the family. One of the owners is here every day, usually with a spare dog in tow.

Blue Fish and her sister, Good Karma.

Dawg House™ got its start as in-home pet care. Eventually we found our niche – providing pet care management to senior living facilities. We had been happily settled into that for 5 years when the pandemic came to Connecticut. Due to health department regulations, we were not allowed to run dog walkers in the senior living facilities until the stay at home order was lifted – and many of the residents are unable to walk their own dogs. We scrambled for a solution, and the easiest fix was to bring all the dogs home to live with us. We didn’t know it at the time, but what seemed like a big problem had brought us to our next adventure.

We believe that dog businesses need hands-on dog people to run them, and that a successful, safe daycare requires a smaller handler:dog ratio. We live in the Dawg House™, and allowing our customers more access to us makes for happy people and ecstatic dogs.

Have you ever seen 20,000 ft² of astroturf? We never would have gotten this truck unloaded without our friends Andy and Chris.
Jess with Abbey, Hachi and George.

Thanks to Alarm King, Dawg House clients have access to their dogs 24 hour a day, 7 day a week. Within 48 hours of completing sign up, you will recieve an email with a link to download our app. The app gives you access to our state of the art camera system so you always know what your dog is up to.