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Setting the Foundation Before your furry friend can enjoy the paw-sibilities at the Dawg House, we require a behavior assessment for every dog. This assessment, taking about twenty minutes per dog, is a crucial step in ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment. Unlike the “trial by fire” approach used by some facilities, we believe in a thoughtful and comprehensive assessment to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety among both two-legged and four-legged companions.

At the Dawg House, we prioritize safe and harmonious canine interactions. Our skilled assessors evaluate your dog’s social skills, gauging their comfort level with humans and fellow dogs. We take the time to observe behaviors and communication cues your dog exhibits, ensuring a thorough understanding of their social dynamics. This approach guarantees that your dog’s experience is both enjoyable and secure.

While the majority of dogs flourish in our Dawg House environment, some may find it more suitable to roam in open spaces or might not be the ideal fit for dog park settings. Around ten percent of dogs don’t pass our assessment, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s not a reflection of their character; some dogs might simply require additional social skills. If needed, our Dawg House trainers are here to help with private training sessions.

Failing the assessment isn’t the end of the line. We’re more than happy to conduct a re-assessment at no charge. We understand that new environments can be challenging, and sometimes it’s not a clear pass or fail situation. In certain cases, we might approve park access with you present, even if daycare or boarding services are not recommended due to separation concerns.

For those occasions when your loyal companion can’t accompany you, we offer human-only passes to the Dawg House for a small fee. While your dog rests at home, you can still experience the Dawg House ambiance.

Dogs thrive in social settings, but protective behaviors can surface even in harmless situations. Our assessment process includes interactions with decoy dogs, allowing us to gauge potential interaction concerns beforehand. We never admit dogs to our park without an individual assessment, prioritizing safety every step of the way.

Barking is a natural part of canine communication, but its variations hold different meanings. During assessments, we delve into your dog’s barking tendencies, distinguishing between normal play barking and potential signs of stress or trouble. Indoor environments necessitate a keen focus on barking due to its amplified nature.

Dogs experiencing separation anxiety might not be ideal candidates for daycare or boarding. We ask that you accompany your dog at all times, even if leaving the play area briefly could cause distress. Please note that a minimum of half-day daycare is required before proceeding to boarding.

At the Dawg House, safety is paramount. We emphasize this value by offering trained human supervision within the dog park and conducting assessments for every entrant. Up-to-date vaccinations are a prerequisite for all dogs. We spare no effort to ensure our guests’ safety and well-being.

While we request that you refrain from recording assessments to prevent distractions, rest assured that all assessments are recorded for staff training purposes. If desired, you can opt for a follow-up consultation with a trainer to review the recording, gain insights, and formulate an action plan for any trainable behaviors observed.

Even the most socialized dogs can learn and improve. We extend our follow-up consultation service to all dogs, as growth is a continuous journey. Discover more about our dog training services to nurture your four-legged friend’s development.

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey, create an account and upload your pup’s shot records on our registration page. Let’s kickstart the fun-filled adventure at the Dawg House!