We offer multi-day “packages” that have up to 15% off our daily rates. You can shop them here, also to take advanatge of our specials enter the code of the month at checkout to take advantage of our promotions!


Day Care – half or full day of cage free day care. Treats and pets included!

Full Days: $35 for a full day of daycare.

WFH Monthly Unlimited- In these unprecedented times, we are working hard to help you work from home. Our Woof from (Dawg) House unlimited plan allows you to work while your buddy goes to his own office. Weekdays Only unless otherwise negotiated. $560 ($28 per day)   ***Monthly Unlimited plans must be paid for by the fourth day of the month.

10 day package ($32/day) – $320

20 day package ($30/day) – $600

**All packages must be used within 6 months. **

Half days (pickup by 1pm): $23

Half day packages:

Ten half day Package ($21 per day) – $210

Twenty half day package ($19 per day) – $380

All prices exclude tax.

25% discount for the second dog from the same household.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP FOR DAYCARE: full day daycare dogs must be checked in by 11 am, and picked up by 7 pm. After 7 pm there is a $20 late pick up charge. After 8 pm your dog is a boarder and will be charged as such.

HALF DAY daycare dogs: drop off for half days is no later than 11 am. Pick up for half days is no later than 1pm. After 1 pm you will be charged for a full day of daycare


$65 per Night plus Tax at The Suite at Dawg House(Private Room with approx. 5 hours of “Out Time” to play alone. The suites are 5’x6′ open top enclosures, a “mini bedroom” if you will. This is For people who prefer to keep their pup separate from the group or who need last minute help and don’t have time for Free Range integration.

$51 per night plus tax (includes daycare – a $35 value)

25% discount for the second dog from same household

15% discount on stays over 14 consecutive days.

Dogs must be comfortable in the Dawg House before their first overnight stay. Three days of  daycare required prior to first overnight.

All prices exclude taxes.

DROP OFFS AND PICK UPS FOR BOARDERS: Boarders must be dropped off by 11am.

 Pick up for Boarders is by 11 am.

Grooming – Hair cuts by appointment only. Pricing based upon breed and temperament by the groomer. Estimates upon request!

Bath and blowdry available by appointment every day.

Spa Day – $30 (with blowdry, $35) Send your dog in for a day of play, ending in a relaxing bath! (Spa day is an add-on to daycare)

Nail trim – $10

Quick stop – $45 drop your dog off for a freshing up, pick them up 90 minutes later! (Bath, ears, nails, teeth, blow dry)

Bark Bus – Need a ride to the Dawg House™? Take the Bark bus! Please call to set up pick up and/or drop off.

Thanks to Alarm King, Dawg House clients have access to their dogs 24 hour a day, 7 day a week. Within 48 hours of completing sign up, you will recieve an email with a link to download our app. The app gives you access to our state of the art camera system so you always know what your dog is up to.

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