The Dawg House™ brings the best out of your best friend. Socialization is a big piece of a happy dog. Dogs need a pack, and while your two legged pack is definitely your dogs favorite, our pack can be a close second. Instead of leaving your buddy to wait for you to come home, send him to the Dawg House™!

New friends meet!

The Dawg House™ is a state-of-the-art dog facility boasting over 4000 sq ft of outdoor and indoor space, natural shade, water play features, cameras for checking on your favorite dog, luxury suites for our Very Important Pups. We can also pamper your pooch with a Spa Day, Simple Bath or nail trim! Our managers live on site and are always available. We are conveniently located off exit 2 in Danbury, less than 4 minutes from the New York border.

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Daisy and Geno love to do Valentine’s day photos together!

Have a dog that needs special care? (or just a lift from the car to the door?) Our Managers live on site.

Butt Sniffs Happening Now.

A note about our policies:

State Regulations do not allow us to mix unaltered dogs with our daycare and cage free boarding groups. If your pup is under a year we can make an exception.

This is romper room for dogs. We encourage play. We do not allow in dogs who are aggressive, and when a dog seems overstimulated and is playing too rough, we put them on time out. That being said, dogs have teeth and nails and they use them during the course of play. This means that dogs can get minor scratches, abrasions and punctures during perfectly normal, overseen and managed, play. If this scares you, we would be happy to point you towards a facility that fits your needs. Dawg House caters to real dogs and real dog people – real dog people know that dogs do dog things.

Drop off for boarding and daycare is no later than 11 am. If your dog is very high energy, earlier drop off may be required.

Pick ups for boarders is no later than 11 am. Dogs left after 11 am will be charged for daycare accordingly.

We are CLOSED at 7 pm. Late pick up will incur a charge of $20 until 7:30, after that your dog is a boarder and will be charged the nightly rate.

Your dog must do 3 required days of daycare before Free Range boarding. We suggest doing these three days at least two weeks out, in case you need to make other arrangements.

Our hours are as follows:

Monday- Friday: 6:30am – 7pm.
Saturday: 8 am -2
Sunday: boarders only.

Thanks to Alarm King, Dawg House clients have access to their dogs 24 hour a day, 7 day a week. The app gives you access to our state of the art camera system so you always know what your dog is up to, clients get access at no additional charge.