At The Dawg House, we provide a nurturing and comfortable environment where your furry companions can play, socialize, and rest while you’re away. We understand that your dogs are family, and we’re dedicated to giving them the best care possible.

Dogs need a pack, and while your two-legged pack is definitely your dog’s favorite, our pack can be a close second. Instead of leaving your buddy waiting for you at home all alone, send them to Dawg House™!

We strive to give your dog the BEST boarding experience in a comfortable, stress free environment. We play classical music over night to soothe them to sleep while they rest in climate controlled rooms.

Every dog is unique. We take the time to understand your dog’s needs, preferences, and behavior to ensure a tailored experience.

Our team is passionate about dogs and experienced in dog behavior. They are trained to ensure safety, comfort, and a fun-filled experience for your pets.

Your dogs’ well-being is our top priority. Our facility is equipped with surveillance cameras, and our staff is on-site 24/7 to ensure their safety and provide care at all times.

Dogs love mental and physical stimulation. We offer engaging enrichment activities, including games, toys, and outdoor playtime, to keep them happy and active.

For our free range boarding dogs: Your dog must complete a FREE evaluation and three days of daycare TWO WEEKS before its boarding start date to properly acclimate your dog to our wonderful Dawg House Family of dogs! We create a plan just for you and your dog at our evaluation, so you can accomplish whatever your goals are for your pup! It’s a chance for you to meet us and we can all get to know each other! We want our clients to feel like family, because we are taking care of a member of yours!

The Suites at Dawg House – Private Room. The suites are 5’x6′ open top enclosures, a “mini bedroom” if you will. This is for people who prefer to keep their pup separate from the group or who need last minute help and don’t have time for Free Range integration.


( Daycare Drop Off is always by 11:00 AM)

Half Day (Pick Up By 2:00 PM)

Per Day


10 Day Package


20 Day Package


Full Day (Pick Up By 7:00 PM)

Per Day


10 Day Package


20 Day Package



(Boarding Drop Off is always by 11:00 AM)

Boarding (Pick Up By 11:00 AM)

Suite (Per Night)


Free Range (Per Night)



We can’t mix unaltered dogs with daycare or cage-free boarding groups due to State Regulations, except for pups under a year.

We encourage play but don’t allow aggressive dogs. Overstimulated dogs are put on time-out. Scratches and minor injuries can occur during supervised play.

If our approach doesn’t fit, we’re happy to suggest alternatives.


Boarding and daycare drop-off: Not later than 11:00 a.m., earlier for high-energy dogs.

Boarder pick-ups: By 11:00 a.m. Dogs left later incur daycare charges.

Closing time: 7:00 p.m. Late pick-up until 7:30 p.m. incurs a $20 charge.


Dogs must complete 3 daycare days before Free Range boarding.

Suggested to schedule these days two weeks in advance.